Woman dead, 3 injured following alleged drunk-driving crash in Arlington

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ARLINGTON, TX – A woman was killed, and three people were injured following a head-on crash in Arlington on Thursday that allegedly involved drunk driving.

According to CBS DFW, the collision occurred in the 4900 block of Matlock Road, near Embercrest Road, at about 3 a.m., when 21-year-old driver Bronson Kibler went over the median and crashed into a pole.

His vehicle, which contained an infant and a woman as passengers, continued into the opposite lanes, then crashed head-on into another car.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kibler and two people in the other vehicle were taken to the hospital with severe injuries.

The infant was luckily unharmed.

Kibler, who is suspected of having been driving under the influence, is facing one charge of intoxication manslaughter and two charges of intoxication assault.

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