Conductor killed as train derails in El Paso’s Lower Valley

EL PASO, TX — A Union Pacific conductor died Monday after being hit by a railcar in the Riverview neighborhood of El Paso’s Lower Valley, reports RT&S.

The fatal accident occurred in front of a residence located at 7746 Barton Street on the morning of August 29.

A preliminary investigation indicates that after work was performed on a section of the tracks, a derailment device had been installed to protect workers. Officials said the conductor had been cleared to work, and the device remained in place prior to the incident.

The conductor was struck by one railcar as the train hit the device while he was guiding an engineer maneuver into a rail yard.

The victim died as a result of his injuries, confirmed authorities.

No other injuries were reported, but as two train cars left the track, a backyard shed, fence, and a gas meter were damaged, forcing about 50 nearby residents to evacuate as a precaution.

An ongoing investigation was being conducted by the El Paso Police Department.


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