Driver crashes into vehicle near Wayside Med during high-speed pursuit

Photo Credit: KPRC2

HOUSTON, TX – A high-speed chase yesterday afternoon ended when the suspect crashed into another vehicle in Wayside Medical Plaza, according to KPRC2.

The incident started near the intersection of Polk and Jefferson at a bit after 5:10 p.m. when police attempted to pull over a driver for a traffic stop.

Instead of stopping for police, the driver sped away down multiple highways, including the Gulf Freeway, where the suspect drove against the flow of traffic for a short time.

Just after 5:50 p.m., the suspect crashed into another vehicle in the area of Wayside Medical Plaza, located at 910 Wayside, before leaving the pickup truck and attempting to flee the scene on foot.

The suspect and a passenger, who also attempted to flee the scene, were taken into police custody.

It is unknown if there were any injuries resulting from the accident.

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