Passenger killed after driver fleeing early-morning traffic stop crashes into barrier

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HOUSTON, TX – A person is likely facing charges of felony murder after they crashed their vehicle during a police chase early yesterday that led to the death of their passenger, according to KHOU.

The incident began at about 3:30 a.m. this morning when a police officer reportedly noticed what he believed to be a drug deal taking place at a gas station on the Gulf Fwy, and then began to follow the suspects.

The officer attempted to make a traffic stop after observing a few traffic violations. At this time, the suspect reportedly threw a pistol out of the car window before fleeing the stop.

The driver and the officer then collided with a concrete barrier in the 8800 block of Bryam before the impact sent the first vehicle into the air.

A passenger died during the collision, and the driver was taken to the hospital for injuries likely including a broken arm.

The officer suffered minor injuries from the crash.

The driver, who along with the passenger has yet to be publicly identified, is facing a probable charge of felony murder in connection with the collision.

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