Two dead, two injured after man crashes into Uber during high-speed police chase


HOUSTON, TX – A suspect is facing charges after he collided with an Uber rideshare vehicle while fleeing a high-speed police chase this weekend, which resulted in two women being killed and two injured.

According to KPRC2, the accident happened at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday near Parker and Jensen after suspect Brian Okeith Tatum, 45,  allegedly ran a traffic light.

A police chase ensued, with the driver reaching speeds of over 100 mph.

Tatum collided with a silver Honda functioning as an Uber vehicle, resulting in the deaths of two women who were sitting in the backseat.

The driver of the Uber was taken to the hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Tatum, whom police say has an “extensive criminal record,” was taken for treatment of minor wounds.

He is facing likely charges of felony murder as a result of the collision.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the collision at this time.

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