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    Traffic Accidents In Beaumont

    With a population of just under 119,000 residents, Beaumont Texas is a city rich in history and prosperity. It has always been home to proud, hard-working Texans from the booming oil and construction industries to resilient healthcare workers. Since it is the last major city before crossing the Texas-Louisiana border, Beaumont has the best of both worlds when it comes to southern culture and tradition.  

    While Beaumont is the 33rd largest Texas population, it is the 2nd most dangerous in the state when it comes to accidents on the road. An average of 14.35 fatal crashes per 100,000 residents each year puts Beaumont just behind Dallas on the list of most dangerous cities for Texas drivers.

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    5 Crucial Things to Do immediately After an Accident in Beaumont

    Accidents in Beaumont often occur on busy highways and streets. There are several vital steps to take to ensure the safety of those involved as well as your own legal protection.

    Step 1

    Evaluate your injuries, if any were sustained.

    The first thing to do immediately following a crash is to check yourself for injuries. If you are injured, call 911 as soon as possible as you are able.

    Do not move from the vehicle or your position within it, as that could result in further injury. Stay in place and wait for emergency services to arrive.

    Step 2

    Check the condition of others involved.

    If you can safely exit or move about the vehicle without causing yourself any further injury, check on the other occupants.

    If they sustained any injuries, immediately contact emergency services, or get the help of a bystander to do so.

    Step 3

    Move to a safe area of the road.

    If your vehicle is still safe to drive, maneuver it to the side of the road to avoid causing any traffic hazard by staying in place.

    Step 4

    Contact Emergency Services.

    Even if the accident you’re involved in has caused minor damage to your vehicle and no injuries to anyone involved, calling the police is still a vital step to take. Not only could it save you from any issues related to the accident, later on, but it is also required by law in some states.

    This is critical so that you can get an accurate police report from the scene, documenting all of the accident’s facts. This action will help immensely later on in the process.

    Step 5

    Exchange insurance and license information with anyone else involved in the accident.

    Once you are sure no one has been injured in the crash, you should exchange both insurance and contact information with the other driver. The documents you should receive in this process are:

    • Complete name and address listed on their driver’s license.
    • Driver’s license and license plate numbers.
    • Insurance policy number and company name.
    • Vehicle make, model, year, and color.
    • Location in which the accident occurred.

    Why You Should Always File an Accident Report

    Filing an accident report is vital no matter how serious or minor the accident is. This process can protect you from false information regarding an accident being used against you later on in legal proceedings. It is in your best interest to have police present following a crash for many reasons:

    1. Many people are shaken up and not in the right mindset after an accident. Police officers have the experience and knowledge to document all of the necessary information for your protection.
    2. The police will be sure to gather both sides of the story at the scene. This way, if the other party attempts to change their take on what happened later, you have physical proof of what happened.

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    Most Dangerous Highways and Intersections in Beaumont

    Interstate-10 is the southernmost and 4th longest highway in the United States. The interstate begins at the bottom of State Route 1 in Santa Monica, California, and stretches across the country to Jacksonville, Florida. Texas is home to one-third the length of I-10, which passes through El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, and finally Beaumont before crossing the state border. 

     High-speed roads merging near a city center, no matter how big or small is a recipe for disaster. This is why most accidents in the Beaumont area occur along the interstate and its adjoining frontage roads. 
    #1. College Street at Interstate 10

    Approximately 165 accidents annually. 

    #2. Dowlen Road at Eastex Freeway

    Approximately 150 accidents annually. 

    #3. Washington Boulevard at I-10

    Approximately 65 accidents annually. 

    Hospitals in Beaumont, Texas

    Beaumont hospitals and emergency rooms are among the most highly-ranked in the state of Texas. So, when the unthinkable does happen, thousands rely on these Beaumont institutions and the medical professionals within to save lives and treat injuries sustained in car accidents.

    3080 College St.
    Beaumont, TX. 77701

    2830 Calder Ave.
    Beaumont, TX. 77702

    Beaumont Police Department: Traffic Division

    The Beaumont Police Department's Division of Field Operations makes up the most substantial portion of the city's police force. At nearly 200 Officers strong, this division patrols the streets of Beaumont 24 hours a day, every day.

    255 College St.
    Beaumont, TX. 77701

    Collision Repair Shops in Beamount

    If an accident were to happen, getting your vehicle back into working condition is exceptionally important. Luckily, Beaumont is home to several high-quality collision repair businesses. The experienced mechanics and bodywork specialists at these locations will make sure you can get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible following an accident.

    3855 Eastex Fwy,
    Beaumont, TX 77706

    3760 Corley Ave,
    Beaumont, TX 77701