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    Traffic Accidents In Houston

    Houston has the largest population in the state of Texas, and the city is growing on a daily basis. By adding nearly 1.3 million residents in just the last ten years, Houston has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. With its rich history in energy, space travel, and manufacturing, Houston is constantly attracting people in search of opportunity and exploration.

    The Houston metropolitan area is home to 6,371,000 people. Since most of these residents commute regularly throughout the city, Houston roads are among the busiest in the entire country. With over 100,000 recorded accidents in the last year, knowing your rights as a driver in Houston is vital when it comes to obtaining the appropriate compensation following an accident.

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    Houston Crash News Updates

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    Harris County

    Two people hurt in suspected DUI crash on Airline Dr

    HOUSTON, TX – Two people were injured following a suspected DUI collision in north Houston this weekend, according to KHOU. The accident occurred in the …

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    squad car, police, lights

    Magnolia man killed when Shelby kit car crashes into tree

    MAGNOLIA, TX – A man from Magnolia was killed after a Shelby kit car collided with a tree in Montgomery County earlier this week. According …

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    wrong way, sign, road
    Harris County

    At least one killed in wrong-way accident on North Fwy ramp

    HOUSTON, TX – At least one person was killed during a wrong-way crash on the North Freeway ramp early Friday morning, according to the Houston …

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    Harris County

    Two-vehicle accident on Jones Rd and FM 1960 causes delays

    HOUSTON, TX – A two-vehicle collision in northwest Houston caused traffic delays of over an hour this afternoon, according to the Harris County Precinct 4 …

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    squad car, police, lights
    Harris County

    Man clinging to life may lose both legs after crash on Sam Houston Pkwy

    HOUSTON, TX – A man is in danger of losing his life and both of his legs after he was struck by a vehicle after …

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    Harris County

    2-year-old girl killed, sibling and mother hurt after driver runs red light on Hwy 290

    HOUSTON, TX – A 2-year-old girl was killed when she was ejected during a crash that occurred after a driver ran a red light on …

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    5 Critical steps After an Accident in Houston

    Since there is such a high number of accidents regularly occurring in Houston, there are reasonable processes in place that will protect yourself and others involved in the accident. Steps you should take following your accident include:

    Step 1

    Ensure your own safety and well-being

    lways evaluate yourself for injuries before assisting anyone else. You are of no help to others if you have significant injuries.

    If you are hurt, do not move. Any attempt to move around or exit the vehicle could injure yourself further. Stay in place and wait for assistance.

    Step 2

    Evaluate others for injuries at the scene

    If you did not sustain any injuries and are able to exit the vehicle, check on your own passengers first. If they are unresponsive or severely hurt, dial 911 immediately.

    If there are no other passengers in your vehicle, check on any other individuals involved in the accident.

    Solicit the help of any passersby while you wait for emergency services to arrive. 

    Step 3

    Proceed to a safe area away from moving traffic

    • As soon as you are sure there are no injuries in the accident, move to the side of the road or shoulder of the highway.
    • Moving from the road is vital when it comes to preventing any further accidents from occurring, such as your vehicle being struck by another car traveling down the street.
    • If your vehicle is immobile, put on the hazard lights and stand on the side of the road until help arrives.
    • Never remain inside a damaged vehicle that is stopped in the middle of a roadway.

    Step 4

    Call for Emergency Assistance

    No matter how severe the crash is, contacting emergency services is important when it comes to the safety of everyone involved.

    Houston Police will arrive and be able to take down an accident report at the scene to ensure accuracy, which will inevitably provide evidence in your case later on. 

    Step 5

    Get all of the important information you can while at the scene

    If you are the only one involved, take-down any damages sustained in the crash from your perspective, if at all possible. If your crash involved another driver, there is an important list of documentation you should immediately acquire from the other motorist:
    • The other driver’s license number
    • The other driver’s vehicle information and plate number
    • The other driver’s pertinent insurance information
    • Contact information for anyone involved in the accident
    • Badge numbers of any Police officers at the scene

    Why You Should Always File an Accident Report

    It does not matter if you were in a fender bender or an accident that completely totaled your vehicle. Getting an accurate accident report from an official at the scene will protect you from any false legal information being brought against you in the future.

    • Houston Police will always be impartial in documenting any pertinent details regarding damages resulting from the crash. 
    • The official at the scene will be calm and collected, which is uncommon for those who have just been in an accident. This will ensure accuracy in their report. 

    Ready to get your crash report?

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    Dangerous Highways in Houston

    Several of the country’s most traveled highways pass through the Houston metropolitan area. One of the deadliest of these roads is Interstate 45. This highway has the most recorded fatalities of any of the roads within the city. I-45 saw 27 fatalities in just 2018, most of which were attributed to speeding and intoxicated drivers. 

    Interstate 10 extends throughout the entire southern region of the United States from California to Florida. I-10 recorded 11 fatalities within the Houston area in 2018, largely due to speeding and distracted drivers.

    Dangerous Houston Surface Streets

     Although highways and interstates are the most deadly areas in Houston for automobile accidents, residential areas have reported a relevant share of recurring fatal accidents as well:
    • Airline Road: Average of 6 fatalities annually.
    • Telephone Road: Average of 5 fatalities annually.
    • Martin Luther King Road: Average of 4 fatalities annually.
    • Main Street: Average of 3 fatalities annually.

    Hospitals in Houston, Texas

    If you are in an accident, the very first thing to assess is if you or any other occupant in your vehicle sustained an injury. If so, getting to any of these hospitals in a timely manner could mean saving a life:

    565 Fannin St
    Houston, TX. 77030

    5656 Kelley St
    Houston, TX. 77026

    7600 Fannin St
    Houston, TX. 77054

    Houston Police Traffic Enforcement

    The Houston Police department takes public safety on the roads very seriously. There are five subsets of the department that deal solely with traffic-related law enforcement and regulations. From DWI enforcement to a Highway Interdiction Task Force, Houston Police are here to help with any type of accident that may occur. 

    200 Travis Street
    Houston, TX 77002
    (713) 884-3131
    (Always dial 9-1-1 for emergencies)

    Collision Repair Shops in Houston

    Being able to get your vehicle safely back on the road following an accident is a top priority. Whether it be the only mode of transportation to work or just the ability to get around town, repairing your vehicle quickly could save you time and money. 

    Houston has a number of reputable repair shops that will work with insurance companies to ensure your safe return to the road:

    716 Fairview St
    Houston, TX 77006

    Houston Auto and Body Shop
    8620 Schumacher Ln,
    Houston, TX

    340 Erin St
    Houston, TX 77009