Two people killed in hit-and-run crash on Christmas Eve in SW Houston

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HOUSTON, TX – Two people were killed in a hit-and-run collision in southwestern Houston on Christmas Eve with a driver who may have been intoxicated and speeding, according to information from KTRK.

The collision happened in the 7100 block of S Gessner Road near Neff Street at around 8:30 p.m. Friday, as the driver of a Toyota Camry, Juan Sapon, was driving through an intersection with a stop sign.

The Camry was then struck by the driver of a pickup truck that was going at a high rate of speed through the intersection. The driver of the pickup truck then fled the scene.

A passenger in the Camry, Martha Sapon, was ejected from the vehicle during the crash. She and Juan were pronounced dead at the site of the crash.

Authorities later located the driver of the pickup and identified him as 20-year-old Alessio Bevinetto, who is believed to be an Italian national. He is facing two counts of failing to render aid at the scene of a fatal crash. He reportedly admitted guilt in causing the crash, and may be facing charges of manslaughter as a result.

While authorities believe he was intoxicated when the collision occurred, they stated that there is little way of proving that his intoxication occurred before or after he fled the scene. As such, he will likely not face intoxication manslaughter charges.

Bevinetto’s bond was set at $500,000, and his court date is January 3 of next year.

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